How and why this website exists

First, please allow us to express our thanks that you are showing such an interest in this site.

As you are no doubt aware, this website exists to promote the Bent & Bongs Beer Bash, one of the north west's leading beer festivals. What you may not be aware of, is that the festival is organised each year by the Atherton and Tyldesley branch of the Round Table primarily as a charity event. It does not exist to make money, other than for the benefit of the chosen charitites. The people involved willingly give their time, effort and energy for free, and ask nothing in return other than you have a great time, don't suffer too much hangover the next day and, if possible, come back again next year.

So why a website, and what does this have to do with the privacy of my email?

A website is a great way to remember the beer festival and maintain an interest in it. The more people who visit the festival, the more benefit it is to the charities involved. It is also a great event to come back to year after year. The beer is always spot on, the music gets better and better, and the sausages ... have you ever tasted better?

The same 'no cost' principle goes for this website. It is built and maintained at no cost. Just like the Round Table, the professionals involved donate their time, webservers and internet links at no cost to anyone other than themselves.

Finding this difficult to believe? Ask yourself whether you see any advertising on this website (other than the festival's sponsors). Has it tried to sell you anything? Does it try to promote the services of those who build and operate it.

We offer the email service because it is a very easy mechanism to keep you informed with the dates of the next beer festival. However due to the level of worry about privacy and junk email currently circulating the internet we feel obliged to give the above explanation to put your mind at ease.

In short:
- We, and only we, will send you updates via email
- We will not sell your email address to anyone
- We will not publish it in a list
- If you ask us to remove you from the list, we will.

But please note the difference between leaving your email (which is completely private) and signing the guestbook (which allows you to make your email address visible if you so choose).

If you are so concerned about my privacy, why do you write a cookie to my computer?

The cookie is there so that we can give you a better experience from this website. For instance, if you leave your email you don't want the home page prompting you to leave your email again. Same with the guestbook. So we use the cookie to remember if you have done these things. We put a couple of other things in the cookie as well; like when you last accessed the site (so that in future we can tell you if something has changed since your last visit). We hold the version of the cookie so that our webserver doesn't throw a fit if you come back 2 years down the line when everything is different. We also store a copy of the cookie's expiry date in the cookie itself so that you can see it (we have to tell your computer how long to keep it for so it only seems right that you can know this too). Our usual practice is to ask your computer to keep the cookie for 5 years. Why 5 years? We had to pick something and 5 years just seemed sensible.

You can see what details are stored in your cookie by clicking here.

So what are you waiting for. If you want to be kept informed, just leave your email. If you want to leave a comment, note or suggestion about the festival or this website then head on over to the guestbook.

And if you want to leave a comment in the guestbook but not have your email displayed, just take the tick out of the box that says 'Allow my email address to be visible.' That's the reason we put it there!

Thanks for reading, thanks for visiting, be sure to tell your friends and come back soon ...


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