London Beer Lab - Stracciatella

London Beer Lab - Stracciatella
Brewed byLondon Beer Lab (Brixton, Greater London)
ABV6 %
Tasting notesAn ice cream flavour inspired white stout with vanilla, coco nibs and lactose sugar.


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Brewed ByBeerABV (%)Tasting Notes
SirenGoing Out Stout4.8Vanilla and raspberry intertwine with biscuit and chocolaty malts to create a stout that you'll keep going back to.
SirenBroken Dream6.5An indulgence of chocolate and speciality malts, Broken Dream is smooth, unctuous, and moreish. It's brewed with milk sugar for balance and mouth feel, along with carefully selected espresso from London's Climpson & Sons. Awarded CAMRA Supreme Champion Beer of Britain 2018.


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