Salopian - Shropshire Gold

Salopian - Shropshire Gold
Brewed bySalopian (Hadnall, Shropshire)
ABV3.8 %
Tasting notesShropshire Gold was first brewed in July 1998. A golden, with a floral aroma and a full hoppy flavour that is balanced by a crisp dry maltiness and a rich finish.


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Brewed ByBeerABV (%)Tasting Notes
AbbeydaleSanctuary4.2A pale golden coloured beer. Light caramel flavours from the Munich malt. Mixed candy citrus fruits with hints of Pear and Apricot on the nose. Noble hop flavours are earthy and herbal.
BlackedgeWest Coast Bitter4.1A pale golden ale with lashings of west coast American hops to give a clean fresh flavour of tropical fruit and grapefruit with delicate hints of floral aroma.
Castle RockElsie Mo4.7A blend of First Gold, Aurora, and Bobek hops give the beer its delicate citrus aroma and floral taste.
Great HeckTreasure IPA4.8This golden IPA has low to moderate bitterness and very distinctive tropical fruit notes from the premium American hops added late in the boil and during fermentation. Smooth, hoppy goodness.
HophurstSonnet4.2Made with Citra and Chinook. Dry Hopped with Falconers Flight.
Humpty DumptyLemon & Ginger Ale4A pale amber crisp ale, finished with a refreshing ginger and lemon tang.
ProspectRaisins To Be Cheerful4A special winter brew from this local brewery.
RoamIdeal Pale Ale4.8A pale golden beer loaded with citrus flavour, balanced bitterness and body. Our IPA has a strong floral and hoppy aroma.
Wigan Brewhouse (prev AllGates)Gin Pit4.3A saffron coloured ale with a smooth malt balance and floral aroma with a twist; a dry spicy finish from the Juniper berries and other gin botanicals.
BlackedgeBlonde4.5Full bodied Blonde ale, well hopped to give a clean refreshing citrus, grapefruit flavour and aroma.


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