Mala Gissona - Mala Gissona Batela (Gluten Free)

Mala Gissona - Mala Gissona Batela (Gluten Free)
Brewed byMala Gissona (Oiartzun)
ABV4 %


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Brewed ByBeerABV (%)Tasting Notes
71 BrewingMandarina Sky Hazy IPA5Hazy in appearance with explosions of tropical and citrus flavours giving a creamy mouth feel and very low bitterness to finish.
Vegan Friendly
BlackjackMosaic Light3.7Hoppy with a fruity dryness, refreshing light drinking.
Dark RevolutionLuminous4.2Luscious pale and wheat malts paired with heavy weights Citra, Mosaic, and Galaxy. Crisp, fruity with a great balanced bitter finish.
HambletonPink Grapefruit Pale4.1A fruit infused version of our best-selling Stud Blonde. Smooth and refreshing with a lip smacking citrus character.
New BristolRock and Stars4.8Pale very tasty and very drinkable - a true Rock n Roll star in our eyes!
Vegan Friendly
North Brewing CoPale4.1Everyone's favourite crisp American pale ale. Light in colour and body with assertive piney bitterness and a fruity candy aroma.
North RidingUS I.P.A.6Pouting Stu's latest version is dry hopped with Ekuanot BBC pellets. Flavours and aromas are dank fruit, spicy and mildly peppery.
OakhamCitra4.2Light gold in colour, bursting with citrus and tropical hop flavours and sensationally refreshing. The original UK Citra.
RivingtonBeach House Pale3.8A pale, hoppy, unfined beer brewed in the shadow of Rivington Pike.
Vegan Friendly
RivingtonTaste it Through the Speaker4West! Cooaaassst! A juicy and hazy explosion for US hops its full on "Bass!"
Vegan Friendly
RivingtonNever Known Fog Like It5.2An unfiltered New England-style Pale Ale. Never mind the haze - it's natural and fabulous!


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