Sponsor the Festival

The Thursday sponsors' session is going to work a little differently for 2014. If you are a regular sponsor and you are used to attending the Thursday sponsors' only hour (5pm - 6pm) you need to read the following to know what is changing ...

The 2014 packages include a number of tickets for general admission. These tickets will get you in to any session of the festival. They will also get you in to the sponsors' only hour (5pm - 6pm) on Thursday. For the sponsors' hour only any sponsor attending will be given £10 worth of beer tokens on their way in. Unlike previous years the beers will not be free, hence the £10 of beer tokens.

The package available for 2014 is:

If you are regulars to the festival, why not get together with a group of friends and consider a sponsorship package for 2014? It's fun, it's friendly, and the cost isn't much different from attending individually. In fact, if you can all make the sponsors' hour on Thursday it actually works out cheaper to sponsor rather than pay on the door.

For 2014 we are also able to offer advertising space in the festival programme. The costs range from £65 for a quarter page to £300 for the back cover. This can be an excellent way to promote your business. Around 4,000 people pass through the festival each year, give-or-take. Thatís 4,000 potential customers who could be seeing your advert. 4,000 people, most of them local and most of them with a passion for beer, drinks, music or just nights out with friends. You do the math, but with those kinds of numbers, at £65 for a quarter page you donít need a huge percentage take-up to recoup your spend or to generate a good return.

If you are interested in sponsoring the festival drop us an email to sponsors@bentnbongs.com and we'll get the info over to you. Or just download our sponsorship form, fill in the details and send it back to the address shown on the form.

To enquire about advertising in the programme, please email advertising@bentnbongs.com.

Many thanks for supporting the festival.

Please send all comments or suggestions to webmaster@bentnbongs.com